An alternative view: Islam, a dying religion

Posted: December 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

All the media and the theory is about the great attack or “colonization” of Christian countries by Islam/Muslim.

Well I examined the idea that…everyone could be wrong.

This terror attacks could be literally the death pain of a dying religion.

UN studies that 60% of Muslim in the Western world are “pro forma” Muslim (as a lot of Christian and Jews).

Even over 20% of Muslim in Muslim countries are going to mosques and pray just to be seen.

And the infiltration of Islamic State operatives in the mass of illegal immigrant has the purpose of “stopping the boats” (so in IS strategy Europe should close the border as they are upset that they created the perfect Caliphate and everyone want to escape in the decadent West).

It is just a contrarian theory, but very is a great example.

Christianity reached the peak brutality (crusades, witch hunt and things that makes IS look….quite tame) in 1500…just before the reign of reason (1700) took over.

Since now everything is faster….Islam will enter its reign of reason by 2050/2100.

Ok quite far, but interesting pattern with even more interesting economic consequences.


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