2016 US election: Republican vs Democrats foreign policy

Posted: December 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

In November ber there will be the US election.

We do not know who will win, but any candidate will be the product of its own party (even Trump).

Democrats foreign policy will be a continuation of President Obama.
A slow disentaglement from world affairs (specially Middle East) with the strategy of supporting regional powers to create balance. Practically stepping back from being the world policeman.

A Republican win would be a return of an aggressive engagement of the US on the world geopolitics (eg Afghanistan, the 2 Iraqs wars were under Republicans).

Before choosing camp…there is no good camp.

The theory goes that while the Republicans brought us the Cold War with the numerous small wars (Vietnam, North Korea and many more), the Democrats with the no intervention policy created the environment that brought us the 1 and 2 wars (Eg Hitler was not stopped in the 1930s…and that ended pretty badly).


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