Oil a rout or a purchase opportunity?

Posted: December 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

The price of oil are collapsing finally reaching my target (posted in a long time ago) of approximately $35 (practically the 1985 low inflation adjusted). Nobody knows the minimum but let’s say close enough.

As the Media says that OPEC is in tatters, the reality is that the Saudi are starting to try to understand if this is the level to weed out the competitors and they are contacting counterparts (also outside OPEC) to see if next year would be the one to start cutting production.

Also the Saudi financially are starting to be..not stressed, but under pressure with 2 expensive wars at the doorsteps (coalition against IS and Yemen).

So technically is the moment to start accumulating.
If they cut  oil will start rising (oil is in a tunnel say usd25 to usd65 dollars). If they do not cut other countries in the Middle East will start to burn and a war will make oil rise.

Quite simple in the end.


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