Iraq vs Turkey Updated

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Another chess piece in the board.

As we mentioned before Turkey has sent 150 soldiers and over 10 tanks near Mosul, Iraq.

The West, Turkey and Nato declare it is a simple exercise.

Iraq says that univited Turkish troop in Iraq is techically an invasion (well lets see if a Indonesian battalion goes to Darwin what happens).
Turkey as 48 hours to withdraw the troops before Iraq will report it to the UN.

Turkey will  comply as Iraq is also contacting Russia and Iran for a different solution in case the US vetoes the UN.

Turkey is refusing to retreat telling that the troops are there due an old invite from Iraq. Even if it was, now it has been retired.

So what is the issue? It is not an invasion as too little troops are involved, but Turkey is trying to de facto create a Sunni Kurdish state inside Iraq which now is fully under Iranian influence. Turkey probably believed that the US was going to support them (they did not).
Already some Shia paramilitaries declared that they will expel the Turkish troops. But the really scary issue comes if Iraq ask helps from Russia to expelled those troops.

And then NATO could even abstein as Turkey provoked an attack.

A perfect opportunity for Putin?


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