France regionali election:a new era

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

From the polls Front Nationale (Marine Le Pen, right wing) is looking to be winning 6 regions and a moral victory overall, followed closely by the re-entrant Sarkozy.

Why this is important? In the French system is practically impossible to win the Presidency (2017) without winning the regions before and that is why Front Nationals have never been feared before by the great mainstream party.

If Marine Le Pen wins in 2017, Europe will probably change forever- for the better.

She is anti Euro (in 2013 interview she declared that she would abandon the Euro which serves only Germany), anti immigration and pro Russia (well her position is quite more complex..but you get the idea).

A lot of European revolutions (also as ideas) started in France.

So it does matter.


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