Russia and Turkey consequences (update)

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well what are the consequences of the downing of the Russian warplane (and the rescue helicopter that was downed with one Russian marine killed).

As Putin cannot back down from his “macho” posturing there will be a lot of words and more Russian bombings, but not much else. Also the markets got partially saved by Thanksgiving holiday (Thursday) .

The real issue is that there will be no second accident.

On saying this I mean that everyone got more hostile and if a second accident really happen a full air/sea battle will take place with not only air engagements, but also warships involvement…there are more than 30 of them…even Chinese.

In that case…start running.

Update ..again the narrative does not make sense.
On Turkey side they said they alerted the Russian plane 10 times. Even NATO logs show that the plane was in Turkey for 17 seconds. Try call someone 10 times in 17 seconds.
The reality is that the Turks, enboldened by being a NATO member, wanted to protect the Syrian Turkmen which by the way shot the helicopter with a US Tow missile probably initially given to the Free Syrian Army.

Consequences (without being too doomsday)
1. Economic retaliation (Turkey depends 60% from Russia as of energy …but also Russia needs money)
2 More issues in the Turkey Armenian Georgian region
3 A further split in Europe /Nato. After the France attack France and Russia were coming togheter. There is a general tendency pro Russia in Southern Europe and towards US in Northern Europe +Turkey


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