France terror changes the world

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

France invoked the NATO alliance rule (a country attacked can ask help from other allied countries).

And who is the first to offer an help?…Russia. This will change considerable the European Union at the next round of Russia sanctions. It could even be a showdown Germany and Poland with US vs France and the South with Russia.

President Obama refuses to do anything else than unuseful air attack (well do u think that after such attack they stay in Raqqa?They showed that they are not stupid). President Obama unfortunately will go down in history as new President Carter.

While US strikes are unuseful, the Russians one kill anything in sight (enemy or not) increasing the Syrian Diaspora.

In Europe, after this, the right parties like Front National will rise.

A hard stop to the immigrants would have a worrying consequence.. .they will stop in the Balcans….a piece of Europe which has been a hotbed of wars for the last 2000 years.
The other option is to ask Turkey to stop the flow. But Turkey will ask to be a member of the European zone (a Muslim majority and not so democratic nation) and probably a free hand to de facto assimilate at least part of Syria.

And this is just the surface. A terror attack that accelerates the changes already bubbling under the European surface.

Funny and unrelated (almost) fact. One of the famous quatrine of Nostradamus was predicting that Europe would been invaded by a Muslim invasion (would be immigration ..he said Muslim would enter Europe…everybody thought a war..not an humanitarian crisis) and would be then be saved by a resurging Great Bear nation (Russia). Not that I believe it, but it is a strange coincidence 


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