About France

Posted: November 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

We are all sadly involved in this new massacre (along with the recent Beirut, Russian airliner, Beirut, Ankara and also Israel and all the attacks since 2001).

I am not a pacifist. I still tell people that the nice US liberation of France from the Nazi costed the life of  over 25,000 civilians in just 7 days.

14 years of Islamic Wars show that the containment strategy simply does not work.
It is Islam and oil mixed togheter does not work (gas pipeline in Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine should give you a hint…next one will be Nagorno Karabach I can already tell you(again pipelines just near Turkey and Russian borders)).

The terrorist attacks were on the most liberal suburb of Paris as they want the West to apply max force so spark a new influx of IS recruits (as IS is in serious trouble in its own territories).

And the West politicians again fall for it.

You need to look at history. In Italy in the 70s there were the so called Years of Leads (so named for the amounts of bullet cases on the street) were defeated with a multiple approach (too long to explain here).

In reality a few things can be done.

Cut the money supply to IS and rebels (lots of rebel weapons ended up in IS hands).

Get more involvement of the Muslim communities.

Eradicate poverty (unemployment create radicalization).

The other solution is unacceptable. A bit like the 1964 movie Dr Strangelove…just nuke all of them. ..they will retaliate causing a 10000 to 20000 casualties. ..but then they will be just ashes. 

But you also wonder if terrorism and gas pipelines wars are actually a positive for some powers. Surely it is quite profitable for the oil and weapons industry. But that is a conspiracy theory (lately quite a few of them had been proved correct…)


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