France killing fields a strategic view

Posted: November 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

What happened in France was terrible and already a lot have been saying.

Let’s examine  a few points.

Why France?

France is one of the most anti terrorism countries in the world. They are at the forefront of the war against IS (more Northern Africa like Lybia Chad and everywhere else).

They have the largest European Muslim population due their ex colonial imperial status.

Their prisons have over 70% Muslim population with no de redicalation programs like in the UK.

The global financial crisis created the highest level of unemployment in the Muslim community.

What we can deduct from the attack?

The police cannot monitor everything in such a large community. Definitely such a coordinated attack meant some phone calls..that were not picked up.

Within the millions of illegal immigrants some IS operatives have been smuggled in. A suicide bomber needs substantial psychological training that cannot be achieved in a Western Country without coming to police attention.

As the police does not have the resouces in a democracy, you have to be a grassroots defender and be alert if something does not make sense in your own neighborhood. Lone Wolves attackers vs grassroots defenders is the new frontier.

The future

France had a wave of terrorism attacks since last year. Front National and the returning Sarkozy will have a boost for their anti immigration stances.

At least there will be a strong call for boots on the ground in Syria. Until now the war against Islamic State has been pussyfooted. We need a “Normandy invasion style war”against these extremists (even from Western media the invasion of France took a 25000 French civilian lifes in the first 2 week of fighting…even the Syrian bombings pale in front of of it. And that pales in the USSR / Nazi confrontation …no stats available but over 20 millions..civilians).
It is again a 2001.

The problem of the Muslim immigration in Euope will get a completely new light and the right wings parties will raise in Europe.

In the US President Obama will be under pressure as seen weak in foreign policy  and it could be a boost for Trump as he could come up with some idea about biking Islamic State (with the friendly agreement of Putin).


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