Financial System Enquire: too much Super?

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

I already talked about the subject, but an article from Tria Capital begs me to go back to it.

Part of the Financial System Enquiry presses on the fact that Super was not meant to be an intergenerational wealth transfer system.
It was not meant to allow early retiree to get a bonus holiday and then rely on the Age Pension.

In the future all these issues will be addressed. Part of super will be automatically converted in guaranteed income. Extremely large balances will be taxed appropriately and probably also on death.

So how much is enough. Apparently 1 million per member looks enough.

A million gives approximately $65,000 of income per year (Government  data) which is an equivalent of $95,000 salary ($18,000 more than the average australian salary).

So what we have to start thinking about if we have more? Alternatives like investment trusts and insurance bond as an example.

Remember this is not advice
Just were the world is heading as the Government cannot sustain the current age pension situation


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