Syria..a bigger mess

Posted: October 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

The US now is planning boots on the ground on specific ground operation. Hopefully the coordination with Russia works.


Turkey is mainly against PKK kurds and Assad and partially against Islamic State (but it has been caught also providing weapons to IS).

US/West countries are against IS and Assad, but pro Kurds PKK and Turkey.

Gulf States mainly follow the US but some “stray” elements support IS against Russia.

Jordan mainly follow the US and Israel, but also Russia.

Russia and Iran support Assad against the rest.

Iraq supports whoever helps but leaning towards Russia.

Now that IS start pledging support to Palestine, also Israel will get involved. As US is turning is back on Israel it will be interesting to watch Russia/Israel.

China is giving weapon to Iran.

Hopefully I did not forget anyone.


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