Middle East: Russia vs Saudi

Posted: October 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Vladimir Putin has 2 outstanding issues with the Saudis.

In the 1980s the Saudi at least helped the fall of the USSR with cheap oil.
Now they weakened considerably Russia with cheap oil.

Time to retaliate?
After moving into Syria, Russia just signed agreements with Iraq and also Jordan.
It has some “do not disturb agreement” with Israel and some major economic agreement with Egypt.

In the South there is Yemen. Yes the Houthis are losing (not as much as the media wants us to believe), but they are successfully bleeding Saudis finances (Saudi already scale back citizens handsout and tapped international no d markets for finance. And the IMF published a note that Saudi will run into deficit in 5 years if it keeps this level of expenses at these oil prices).

So now look at the map…Is Russia encircling an old enemy?


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