Middle East _World War 3 by proxy

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Again the media cannot see the real picture.
With the entry of Russia in the Middle East we have a real world war by proxy.

Directly involved

Allies: USA, Turkey, Gulf States, Israel

Neutral pro Allies: Nato, Egypt (but it has double standard allied in Yemen and on Russia side in Syria

Russia side: Syria Assad Gov, Iraq, Iran, Yemen (Hothi)

Neutral pro Russia: China, Egypt (in Syria).

Islamic State (the excuse): desertic part of Syria/Iraq and part of Lybia and Somalia.

So now you know why Putin does not just hit Islamic State. And if you ever listened to his interviews he always said that his scope is to sustain Assad as the alternative is a non Government state as Lybia or Afghanistan.

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