Cold War reloaded

Posted: October 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Quite a while I do not dig in in this argument.

The Cold War reloaded is brewing on the sideline quite nicely.

The Western media did not make a big fuss that the US is planning to send 12 new  B61 nuclear bomb to Germany. The media will just let you know when Moscow properly retaliate.

Funny enough the aim of this move is
..China. Both the US and Russia are limited in developing new intermediate range tactical nukes from a treaty to which China is not bound. So they are trying to make the other break tye treaty so specially the US can counter the Chinese developments.

In Syria already Russia entrenched itself (also with Iraq, Syria and Egypt).

In Syria Russia attacked the rebel (maybe not IS…but the moderate Al Nusra for the Western Media ._ funny Al Nusra is Al Qaeda in Syria…now moderate????).

As they say …the road to hell is paved with gold (quite literally if you are a weapon producer)


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