Syria – Travel warning for Turkey bound tourists

Posted: July 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

The battlespace has changed and Turkey entered as a major player (if under reported by the media).

Turkey and US seems to have settled their difference and Turkey has started to act much more aggressively in Syria (artillery shelling and air incursions have been confirmed).

Also a major Turkey air base has been selected for US attack fighters (they have just been seen landing in Crete as a stop over).

It seems that, as part of the deal, a no fly zone of 55 miles has been agreed (long standing request from Turkey to the US).

Naturally, this has two consequences

– Islamic State will try to organize more terrorist attacks in Turkey

– Syria’s Assad is in full panic mode (it just requested for all Syrian citizen to join the army and a royal pardon for all returning deserters.

We could be be at the final stage of Assad’s regime.


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