US Presidential election

Posted: July 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well next year.

Democrats….it seems that Hillary Clinton has a nice lead.

Republican…they have a problem

Donald Trump (yes…him!) is full on ahead of all candidates . The issue is that he is a non winning candidate for a US election. For me looks like a rebellion candidate against the political establishment, a bit like the famous Cicciolina porn star parliament candidate elected in the Italian Parliament years ago (which in reality did a really good job).

The other two primary Republican candidates are

Scott Walker – a Wisconsin conservative famous for being anti-unions

Jeb Bush, brother of George, it was initially thought to be the leader candidate, but it is second/ third depending on the polls. He looks much better and more intelligent than the other two Presidents. But his image is also dented by the “help” that Florida gave in George Bush winning Presidential election when he was the Governor.

PS. Donald Trump can’t win they say, I hope so. But the media said also that Ronald Reagan could not possibly win.

And they had two similar characteristic…they represent a break with the established ruling class. .and also Reagan declarations were quite full on (well everybody remembers the Soviet Evil Empire of Star Wars reminiscence)

Maybe it is just what we need – even if we do not like it…..


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