Greece…is it finished yet?

Posted: July 21, 2015 in greece

Well as a country YES…as a saga not!

Think about that approximately 23% of Greek firms are considering moving headquarters offshore!

It is logically when, even with the bank reopening, all foreign transactions are blocked. How can they restock? Or, if you are a foreigner buyer, how can you risk to buy?

Even the conservative economist interviewed say there is still a 50% chance of Grexit.

And this even without considering a Greece election in the European Autumn/Winter. And now that the Left has failed, Golden Dawn (extreme right) is really coming up in the polls (25%).

Or the impossibility of raising Euro 50 billions as part of the guarantee.

Without debt relief Greece will not survive. And Merkel will not give a serious debt relief

So the Greek issue will be boiling for the future.

The end game will be only when there will be a GREXIT – unfortunately starting from an even worst position than now.


Sometimes between September/October 15 and 2016.

Tsipras is in a losing game….it is almost funny.

Apon agreeing with the German creditors Greece received Euro 7,1 billion from the creditors

And Greece spent it to repay the ….creditors

Euro 4.2 billions to repay the European central Bank (Germany)

Euro 2.05 billions to repay the IMF (USA) as the June missing payment plus interest, plus a Euro 456 million new payment this week (which currently seems to have already missed but the media do not report it)

The meagre rest Euro 394 million to re open the ATMs (calculating also the 456…apparently missing)


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