Geopolitics 2015 – How the world is changing

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

This weekend another puzzle of the world Geopolitics fell into place.

For the first time since World War 2 Germany was prepared to disobey the USA and kick out Greece of the Eurozone.

This is a major shift in Germany politics with the US – a climax of a pattern started 2 years ago with disagreement on how to handle the Russia/Ukraine situation with the USA.


Saudi Arabia (the pillar of the US Dollar reserve currency status) is distancing itself by the USA (first time since the ’70s), doing agreements also with Russia (they are upset with the US/Iran relationship…which also upset both Turkey and Israel which are looking around for new friendships and are becoming more aggressive)

Russia is resurgent

China is again resurgent

Japan is becoming more independent from the US and assertive.

South America is drifting towards a Chinese sphere of influence

Everything has the same commonality in the decision of President Obama to change the status of the US from being the “world policeman” to “first between equals”.

Is it good or bad? Time will tell.

What history shows?

The US Democrats will say that the Republican “interventionism” has brought us 50 years of Cold War (which, in human life terms, costed the US as much as the World War 1).

The US Republican will say that the Democrats “non-intervention” has brought us the 1 and 2 World War.

The race for next year US Presidency is becoming moreĀ important by the day.


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