Greece…the last moment will be Monday 13 July 2015

Posted: July 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Negotiations are at full steam and as usual a lot of contradicting news.

The main certainties is that Greece has to submit a plan by Thursday night and the Eurocreditors will meet on Sunday.

So Monday will be the day where the game ends. And anyway the 20 July there is another over a billion Euro payment.

July 2015 could well be the start of the process of disintegration of the European dream (not in an immediate  economical mega crash, but as a slow death of a  political dream) and the start of the end of Germany dominance.


– Greece latest opening include a request of 30% haircut on debt, which will be hard for the Germans to accept as this could open a Pandora Box with the debt of other nations

-There is a very definite split between France (and Southern Europe)  and Germany (and Northern Europe)


– The US directly (via Obama) and indirectly (via the IMF, which opportunistically released a study that shows how just austerity and debt could not work) is putting a lot of pressure on Germany, France and Greece to come to some sort of agreement.


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