A third scenario for Greece

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

This is the weekend of the referendum for Greece!

May you leave in interesting times!

A YES means that the Greeks will accept the Europe imposed austerity measures (and so fall of Government and probably stay with Euro).

A NO means that the Greeks refuse the Europe imposed austerity measures (so a probable Grexit – as the EuroGroup will not budge (as they are too scared of similar referendums in Spain, Italy, Portugal). And the Government will stay.

So what is a third scenario?

Well post referendum, riots ensues and the military takes over.

Funny enough the Military Budget in Greece increased (!!) of 0.1% year on year, even in this near default situation.

I am not completely crazy. It happened in Greece in 1967 (Greek Military Junta) and more recently in Egypt in 2013Capture Gref.


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