Posted: July 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

On the Arab media there are numerous hints at a possible Turkey invasion of Syria.

This as to do with mainly two facts

There have been numerous skirmishes between the Turkish Army and both Islamic State and PKK in northern Syria.

An invasion could rally the population around the Government after the indecisive election

There have been quite a few secret meetings with Israel (definitely you do not want to upset Israel)

As a negative consequences

– Turkish Army is very large, but will suffer heavy causalities

-Iran and Russia will be not very happy

– An invasion (more probably incursion) could get bogged down in a similar way of Saudi/Yemen (by the way much more problematic that the Western media shows as there have been quite a few Houthis incursions in Saudi Arabia)

– Islamic State and PKK would retaliate with mass terror attack in Turkey,

So all in all it can be a Turkish media propaganda plot to rally people around the Government without actually invading any one – but the stakes also here are higher than ever.

And Turkey is a NATO member.


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