New Cold War getting chillier by the day

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

After NATO announced that it will store heavy weapons like tanks in Eastern Europe, Russia retaliated announcing it will deploy at least 40 new intercontinental nuclear missile Sarmat – a 100 ton monster with capacity to deploy 10/15 nuclear warhead each in sub-orbit – so practically untouchable by the anti missile defence system.

This is a confirmation of the pattern that see Russia and NATO further drifting away, even if not yet in full cold war scenario.

The move by Russia is strategically justified by the fact that it is remodernizing is conventional army which is still at Cold War technology. In a real war scenario, conventionally, Russia could inflict losses to the US, but it is doomed. So it uses nukes to ensure that NATO does not attack.

Although we, as Westerners, think a NATO attack is completely a non -existent scenario, for the Russian is quite different.

In 1990s (just before the complete fall out of the Soviet power) there was no formal agreement for the NATO not to expand to the East of Europe, but as US Ambassador Gensher recalls “everything possible was made in order for them (the Soviets) to believe that”.

After that there was the Serbian war which humiliated Russia, the various Colour Revolutions in East Europe and Ukraine (with the German-intercepted US Assistant Secretary of State Nuland conversation with US Ambassador Pyatt in Ukraine.

As you see there is no stopping a Cold War


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