Greece ..the never ending drama

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Almost bored with the Greek saga.

The bailout package is the 30 June is Euro 1.6 billion.

Greece does not have money – but probably some “behind the scene” deal will make the miracle (in reality it is too scary for the US to lose Greece to Russia or China on a strategic point of view) and somehow it will make it.

The deal could be clinched by the 18th June (it is the last day when the German Bundestag meets before summer…the politicians would not like to be called called back) (Note..this is why I always called a mid June stock market low).

Probably they will also vote a bailout extension from 30 June to September or December.

The next big day is 20 August (Euro 3.2 billion), but if a third bailout is coming it will be no problem.

Then the issue it will be representing itself in December.

The scope of this tactic from Europe is, as I already said, almost to organize a democratic “golpe” in which Tsiparas loses credibility and has to call an election or anyway has to ally with less leftist parties to survive and be more amenable (read slave) to the creditor.

So…never ending story…unless Graccident happens or Tsiparas see through the game and calls the bluff


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