A potentially interesting weekend for Saudi and Iran

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

A week ago I mentioned that there is an Iranian humanitarian help ship heading for Yemen.

The situation is similar to the accident that happened between the Turkish humanitarian flotilla and Israel a few years ago  with two complications.

– An Iranian official said that any tentative of stopping or boarding the ship by the Saudi coalition will be considered an act of war versus Iran

-The ship is escorted by military vessels.

Saudi Arabia has a blockade in place and would lose face if it does not stop it. It calls for the ship to be diverted to Djiibouti

The US does not want to upset the Saudis nor the Iranian (as the nuclear deal is almost done).

There is the potential solution of inspection by a third party (Eg UN), but who knows.

Well by Friday, 6pm GMT time – we will know (that is when the ship is bound to arrive in Yemen).

The economic implications of this is again in oil and gold.


Currently the ship is anchored out of Djibouti. No one knows if it is waiting for a UN inspection or orders to go forward.


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