BHP split: South 32

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Please note this is not advise.

The split has been positive.

BHP clearly has the advantage to have all the best assets -also on the revenue point of view. Now BHP is more focussed and can return to be a growth stock in the near future.

South 32 – it has all  the bad asset (aluminium, manganese, coking coal, silver, lead, nickel) with small revenue attached – but it is my preferred. Why?

It is quite unique as it has no debt and no exposure to iron ore (only one of the bigs). At leats three of the 6 commodities listed are at the lowest level and I am quite positive on Nickel). It is in a position to do cost cutting and capital operations (maybe buyback which would increase dividend). In essence it could surprise on the upside.

Finally a good news from BHP…and the entire ASX index (BHP is the single biggest drag that does not allow the ASX to be at the top like the US indexes)


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