Middle East: Syria and Yemen

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Uncategorized


Things looks rapidly changing and there is the distinct possibility of an “end” of the war.

Syria Government lost some important battles and seems unable to get enough manpower and ammunition to solve the situation.

This has been provoked by the re-alignment of Saudi-Qatar-Turkey. Also a lot of talks from the US  to Iranian and Russians looks suspicious to me.

It is possible that President Obama would want to leave  is end of Presidency term with the end of the Syrian war (there is still ISIS, so it is the end of the “main” war) by getting rid of Assad and get a more acceptable new Syrian leader to agree to a Syrian peace.


The 5 days truce is started. We will see.

There is only a very risky bit: an humanitarian cargo ship from Iran is saling towards Yemen – currently under blockade.

An Iranian military representative (so not a political figure) affirmed that any attempt to interfere (stop or inspect) that ship (with military escort) will be interpreted as an Act of War against Iran.

Bluffing…or not?


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