UK elections, considerations on France…..groundwork for an interesting 2017!

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the UK, it seems the Conservatives will win more than expected, but they will still have a weak Government.

Nothing much will change, even if it is clear that the current election system does not work.

The main result of the election is, similar to the anti -Europe party, the rise of the regional and anti Euro party like UKIP – apparently 34% of the voters are voting outside the two main parties.

Due to the political system, these parties will not gain many seats…..but they will have a significant discussion power.

All of this would not concern any of non UK resident, unless you consider that in 2017 there is practically an Anti-EU Referendum.

If the rise of the regional parties gives an hint to what is to come…it will be a very interesting and potentially defining referendum, not just for the UK.

In France another interesting event for 2017 happened.

Marie le Pen very publicly ousted her father from the Front National.

Marie le pen needed to oust her “quite fascist” (no offence meant, just a definition) father to bring her party more towards the centre (it is a move started since the last presidential election), if she wants really to have a winning chance in the 2017 French Presidential elections.

Marie Le Pen is seriously anti European.

These two events – potentially even more than the Greek saga – could define the European political future


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