Yemen: contradicting news – update

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

There is an interesting news on the net – apparently some Arab special forces went into Yemeni’s capital.

The Saudi strongly denied it – but the sources where the news came are really reliable.

They talk about 40 -50 special forces.

As also the Saudi National Guard has been moved to the border – it could be a forewarn to a ground invasion.

A ground invasion against a Houthi will be much more messy – similar to Afghanistan as the Houthis are battle hardened by 20 years of constant warfare.


Finally a Turkish news team found what are the overseas fighters.

They are actually 120 soldiers from UAE of Yemeni descent – very well armed and trained – but still Yemeni.

A very nice marketing trick to send in troops without being involved. I still personally believe that such insertion needs some special forces uses. But that is what they did to capitalize the current Houthi’s weakness.


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