Real Chinese GDP data

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Every expert knows that the Chinese data on GDP are manipulated (they are released too soon after collection and too smooth).

Or simple maths..GDP growth 7%pa and Industrial Production at 5.6% (end March)…there is a missing 1.4% that is not accounted for.

Finally someone with a brain tried to discern what could be the real data.

Citibank internal estimates comes in at 5.8%, but some other research houses – institutional only – have much worrying data.

Capital Economics at 4.9%pa

Conference Board’s China Center at 4%pa

Lombard Street Research at 3.8%pa

These research houses are the real “top research house” not the sell side research houses .

If you consider the Chinese rally in the market….it seems the the Chinese learned again for the US. If the economy do not grow….pump up the market!

Learn from the best…die like the rest (in a mega bubble..soon or later!)


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