Iran and Yemen….and potential accidents

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the general media there is quite a conviction that Iran is supporting the Houthis.

In reality Iran is not engaged, simply “likes” anything that create an issue to the Saudis – so it just tries to create issues with minimal physical support.

Now an Iranian flotilla is going towards Yemen. It is not really an aggressive move as it is completely outpowered by the US/Saudi/Egyptian coalition.

It could be just a show of defiance, but it could be also a political move.

It could be similar to the aid flotilla sent by the Turks to Gaza – it tried to force the Israeli blockade and some persons got killed – and Israel got the blame and had to change its Gaza politics.

So an Iranian flotilla could be used to create an accident and stop the Saudi.

The book Game of Thrones start to be quite boring….


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