Middle East Developments Saudi Arabia – Yemen and Iraq

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Big development Saudi Arabia started, together with other 9 countries (Gulf countries US backed) are   intervening in Yemen against the Houthi (apparently backed by the Iranians)….another front opening in the Middle East implosion.

As of now only air assets are involved ….but Saudi also moved heavy equipment near the border.

A little bit north, the battle for Tikrit (Iraq) is becoming more of a stalemate and actually the US Air Force is backing the Iranian ground force (the enemy of my enemy is my enemy) as Islamic State is offering considerable resistance.

As usual, all this offers a new set of geopolitical challenges and a possible lifeline for gold and oil.

PS. The USA is taking a back stage, providing just intel and guidance.

Welcome to the new world of the regional balance of power without direct US intervention. Even if it is a “footnote” this is massive – first time ever after the Second World War that the US does not act as world policeman!


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