President Obama asks for Islamic State war resolution

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

President Obama is asking for a three year Islamic State war resolution.

He says that it is just to have a more clear backing for a long ongoing campaign (funny on the news you read only about the defeats of Islamic State. Yes there are defeats, but there are also huge intakes of new recruits from the Western World and advances in Afghanistan and Yemen).

So the idea is more of the same, just a “regularisation of the position”.

If you go and read the Bill it is very open ended…it does not exclude boots on the ground nor the fact of limiting operation to Syria/Iraq.

In reality it is more a “carte blanche” to do whatever it takes to attack Islamic State (which by itself is a not well defined enemy) for the next three years.

Definition of Carte Blanche: unconditional authority to do whatever it takes to reach an objective


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