USA versus Russia…a CNN slip up tells you the truth

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

The internet is abuzz with the CNN slip up (you can find it on youtube) where the commentator said that Ukranian pro US troops where fighting Pro Russian rebels.

And that is the truth as I already said in May 2014.  There is at least a part of American funded Greystone mercenaries fighting at least some Hundred Wolves Cossacks Russian paramilitary fighting each other as in the Cold War.

The main issue here for the world, it is that President Obama seems to be in the process to authorize military equipment to be sent officially to Ukraine.

This fact – instead of scaring Russia, would precipitate the rise of the Cold War 2.

Already several Russian military analyst declared that this would be perceived as a direct US involvement in the Ukrainian war.

A few consequences would soon follow.

A potential Russian (rebel or not rebel) invasion before the US military could start to tilt the balance.

Russia will give advanced weaponry (now kindly negated) at least to China, Iran and Syria. As a lot of pain for Russia comes from the Saudi I would not be surprised if Russia would use the Houthi (Yemen pro Iran rebels that defeated the pro Saudi-US government) to create issues for the Saudi (which it would have the nice effect, for Russia, to increase the oil prices)

Recently President Putin is courting Greece, Egypt and Cyprus – all countries of geostrategic importance (plus several other in South America (Argentina, Brasil) and Asia (Vietnam, india, China).

Also the Arctic, with its resources, is already an untold (by the media) battleground between US, Russia, Norway and Canada – at least.

So we are really going back to the old Cold War.


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