European Union: battlelines 2015

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

There are essentially two battlelines forming in Europe at this moment.

On one side there is the Cold War reloaded where the US wants to give army to Ukraine government,  but it is opposed by Germany and specially France.

The Russian rebels are massing troops near Mariupol to create a bridge to Crimea, before the US decides to send armies to Ukraine

In the meantime Russia is courting Greece and Cyprus is offering military bases to Russia.

On the economic side, Greece and Germany have somewhat hardened each position.

Germany just say Nein!

Greece looked for allies (France, Italy), but found only nice words as no one is willing to upset Germany.

The Podemos (Spanish left party similar to the Greek Syriza) in a Sunday poll looks like having the edge in the end of year Spanish election.

Even Alan Greenspan, ex US Fed chairman, went to the mix in an interview declared he cannot see how Greece could stay in the EU (and he also thinks that the Euro cannot last much longer, unless there is stronger integration).

And the UK Treasury Chief Osborn, on Sunday,  admitted that the UK is preparing for the financial instability that an eventual Grexit could create.


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