Russia: a thin Red line

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Over the weekend Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov declared that the US is pushing for regime change in Russia via economic destabilisation.

This is really what is happening and already happened in the past.

In the 1970 you had the USSR at the top of its game: they won in Vietnam, Fidel Castro in South America and Africa had subverted or created issue for a lot of American sponsored dictators and the US was reeling from the Watergate scandal.

A decade after we saw the end of the USSR in 1989.

It was the sum of bad economic decisions of a state too much dedicated to equalisation (so no one was driven to excel via monetary benefits) and with too much effort towards the military (even US Military projected that the Soviets in a full war without nuclear weapon use could have been “probably ” stopped in Italy – after losing 70% of Europe!).

Yes it was all that, but new revealed document show also a secret pact US-Saudi that flooded the market with cheap oil, killing the USSR revenues, with a combination of sanction due to Afghanistan.

Now at the resurgence of Russia, Washington is attempting the same thing.

The issue here is that now Russians have seen it all before and seen the consequences – from Superpower to Third World Country in 2 years.

They will not go down without fighting.

The long war for them is to kill the US Dollar as a reserve currency (which is the “thing” that allows the US to have a multi trillion debt without impunity).

But if they cannot last the game, the situation could get uglier.

They would have two scenario of choice

– Going on a full on attack in the ex Soviet Republic (Would the US sacrifice over 5,000 Marines for Estonia? I guess the answer is not really.)

– More likely going on a full on cyber attack and close the oil to Europe that would send the economy back to the stone age.

Beware of the Bear.

Funny enough in Russia if there is a regime change, historically it has always been for the worst. So if President Putin goes, we could remember him as a nice, pacific Russian President.


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