China and India posturing

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Out of the sight of Western media, China and India are long time enemies, specially along the Tibet and mountain areas surrounding, with various issues and sometimes even clashes. Even an outright war in 1962 (won by China)

As it is far far away, nobody in the West is interested.

Now China is posturing aggressively also in the Indian Ocean with various submarine seen docking in Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka defeated the Tamil Tigers with the full support of Chinese consultants).

Also China is building a strong alliance with Pakistan and interest in Afghanistan (funny how all the US wars end up favouring China…also Iraq main exporter market is …China).

China does this with the reason of protecting the sea lanes which represents 80% of its commerce (also they do remember how Japan was squeezed by the US via blockades).

Practically China is encircling India.

India definitely is not just watching, increasing its military spend, such as aircraft carriers, fifth generation jet fighters (with Russian help).

Also the new US Congress will probably end the constant US retreat from the international scenario – which means more arm sales also from the US.

Apart the little wars as Ukraine and Syria – this is really where things could turn nasty in a blink.

It is highly improbable, but it is somehow funny how the biggest danger is not even mentioned.


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