Ebola as a terror bio-weapon: thank God it will not work!

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Spanish intelligence service picked up some chatter about using Ebola as a bio weapon.Naturally this scenario has been studied quite a while.

Apart the marketing effect (the media would be in a frenzy like a Zombie apocalypse), such an attack would be more show than a mass-killer.

Ebola is transmitted by contact (sweat)  or cough…so u need to be really close.

An Ebola patient can actually spread the virus after a while…..usually by then it is so sick he cannot move.

Ebola contagious rate is pretty low.

Ebola virus is pretty delicate, a classic delivery via explosion would kill the virus.

So if it ever happen, unless you are really close, the biggest danger you would face is the media backlash and stock market consequences, but don’t start thinking a World War Z apocalypse.

Bio weapons are extremely sophisticated, so only US, Russia or China and a few other countries have the technology (fortunately not the will) to use it effectively.

Unknown to many, bio terrorist attack have been tried several time by terrorist organization – even AL Qaeda in Iraq (but the explosion was more effective than the gas/bio weapon).

The biggest case happened in Tokyo over a decade ago in the subway by a very well funded and skilled religious attack with Sarin gas in 1995 . The attack had very little success for the scale and the planning involved (5 attacks killed 13 persons and 1,000 had minor respiratory issues).

Once this terror group got brought to justice, it has been found out that they attempted similar attacks since 1194, but most of the attacks were such a failure that nobody noticed.

Most of the perpetrator were sentenced to death.



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