Kobane, an Islamic State Stalingrad?

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Kobane, Syria, it looks more and more like Stalingrad for Hitler.

Hitler was within reach of Moscow and he’s obsession with Stalingrad really started the defeat of Nazi Germany (and not the commonly believed Allied Normandy invasion).

Kobani, could still fall or not.

But there are two issues. Kobani has nothing strategic to it. it is more of a moral victory or loss.

The diversion of weaponry meant the Syrian army made some serious advances in other sector and the concentration of men/weapon offered a concentration of targets to the Coalition forces. Also the use of such a force in other area would have been a major boost to IS.

So Kobani is the first serious Achilles heel of IS, showing that it can be defeated or at least reduced to just “another” terrorist threat.

As usual when arrogance takes hold, even terrorists make errors!


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