Markets: Judgement Day: Bankers versus Politicians

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Why all this volatility?

To put it simply, with the end of Quantitative Easing it comes closer The Judgement Day: Bankers versus Politicians.

The magic recovery since 2008 has been engineered brilliantly by the various Reserve Banks of World with a splendid and well coordinated tag team between Federal Reserve, European Central bank, Bank of England, Chinese authorities and Bank of Japan.

What has been missing is a beautiful coordinated effort by the politicians. They just benefited from the bankers action. But they just quarrelled and did not anything to improve the situation.

Even leaving the stratospheric performance of S&P 500 alose, do YOU feel at least 20% richer than 2 years ago?

I guess that, unless you won Lotto, the answer is not.

Markets and Economy do not reflect each other because of a temporal issue as the market is continually forecasting.

The various Reserve Banks can only build a bridge to a new future, but the politicians have to build it. And they haven’t.

If there is no intervention the reality will catch up soon with the future


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