Middle East Update

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

As planned the US air attack did not have a “turn around” effect.

And they were never meant to. They were simply meant to stem the Islamic State to reach the Southern Iraq oil field and upset the oil price. And they did achieve that.

Islamic State simply adapted to the new condition hiding between civilians (and naturally they will provoke civilian deaths that will compromise the US alliance).

Already the US shifted tactics introducing the Apache attack helicopters to make more pinpoint strike (that the Australian Airforce could not drop a bomb in 2 days makes it clear that IS adapted well to the new environment).

So an happy stalemate. Why happy? IS is happy as no one has the force/will to dislodge them. Western Politicians are happy as the new terror allow them to distract the people from the economic issues and keep oil (and inflation) down.

Well the people of Iraq and Syria are not so happy, but unfortunately they were never a priority, just an excuse.

In Syria, as Israeli Defence Force Chief of staff put it, there are now four main region – North towards Turkey Islamic State,  Damascus northward and the sea is Islamic State, Golan Heights held by Free Syrian Rebels factions, South by Al Nusra (Al Qaeda affiliated)and Jabal Druze is held by the Druze.

Israel is just watching and has several red lines which it is taking care of with the only language commonly spoken (rockets and bombings).

Turkey is the big issue here. It is leaving Islamic State take over the Syrian Kurds (for them just another terrorist organization), probably waiting the pretext to go in for a kill once the Kurds have been eliminated.

Vice President Biden was suddenly reprimanded to tell the truth (that Turkey now supports/turn a blind eye to Islamic State).

Turkey MPs have given the go ahead to enter Syria or Iraq (against the will of Syria, iraq and Iran). At the same time NATO said it can intervene to defend Turkey if IS attacks Turkey.

It gives me an headache just to count how many parties are involved.

The US grand coalition for now is holding very happily (Saudi and friends needed to reassert the “best buddies” condition after the new “friendliness” Iran/US)


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