Unlisted news for the week

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Some of the facts that do  not make the regular headlines, but present interesting data point.

Today 29 September 2014 is an important day for Gold – China has just opened the Shangai Gold Exchange, open to foreigners. It is the first Gold Exchange in the world that cannot be easily manipulated by the US-Jewish-South African powers. It will take time to go at regime, but a space to watch.

In France the Senate fell into the hands of the Front National. As in October there is the French Budget and Hollande has just 13% of the polls, this is a space to watch. A fall in the French Government would be of great influence for Europe (as of now the win would be for Front National, full on Euroskeptic).

Syria – the warmonger dream “infinite war” is well under way. As a good thing it seriously crippled the financing activities of IS, as a bad thing it is actually not well accepted by the Syrians and other rebel groups. As Obama threatened Assad to wipe out his air force in case one the air fighters is touched ….you have to pay attention of the possibility of a “set up” accident (as also the 2013 gas attack that almost provoked the US attack was a set-up). Turkey is hinting at deploying Turkish soldiers (a NATO country) into Syria to create a buffer zone.

-Russia has “won the war” versus Ukraine and Gazprom just signed a lucrative deal with the benediction of the UE. Plus it had a boost as Russia just found a massive oil reserve in the Arctic, potentially larger than the Gulf of mexico. And now starts to play the “good boy” and call for a reset of relations.

-Catalonia (Spain) wants to held a referendum Scottish style (nothing to lose, if they win they will be independent, if they loose they will get concessions). The trend as started!

– The markets in general are on the edge of precipice. I do not think it is now, but it is a build up of forces that will become stronger and stronger between now and February 2015 and ultimately will provoke some serious dent in the bull market (well, there are also some usually non-bear managers that paint a 2008 style scenario)


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