Russian counter-sanction

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

I was wondering what would be the Russian counter sanctions.

From Moscow Times today we get know that there is a draft legislation that allow Russia to seize foreign assets in response to sanction.

It appears as a retaliation from the action to the Italian authorities seizing over USD30 million of property owned by a close ally of Putin, Arkady Rotemberg.

But this opens the gates of hell as Russian could decide to seize assets from Exxon (largest listed company in the world), Visa etc. As a counter sanction such a scenario would definitely kill the Bull market.

It is a definite second warning (after the hack of Morgan Stanley and other 5 unknown US market. If you want financial war, be careful what you wish for.

Nice to have Putin as friend. Not so nice to piss him off.


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