Middle East update

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Finally the US and the coalition of the unwilling attacked Raqqa in Syria (practically Islamic State capital), a week after it had been evacuated.

From what I hear Syrians are not too happy to be bombed also by the Americans (aside Assad’s forces and other rebel). It could be used even as a recruitment tool. And it will not solve anything,

Pretty amazingly even in Iraq, where the US did more than 150 strikes, the situation is almost World War I style. Islamic State could not reach Baghdad, but for the rest is like a trench war with some villages won and some lost.

The only real change is less strategic view as IS can’t use any more phones as they get targeted.

Only a evil alliance of American airpower with Iran and Syria’s Assad could really cripple the Islamic State.

You wonder if that is the real objective (some suppressed information from the famous turncoat US spy Snowden suggests otherwise….that Islamic State has been let flourish (if not created) to distract the Arab States from Israel. Naturally this is a unconfirmed theory).

As for Islamic State is trying to foment grassroot jihadist to kill American, French, Australian and English (mainly the coalition of the unwilling).

As in a previous comment, Islamic State is more of an army than a terrorist organization and, unless Al Qaeda helps, it is not able to mount terrorist strike in an enemy territory with full electronic surveillance like the US or Australia.

This highlight the possibility of random “lone wolf attack”. And in that case the best defence is yourself.

As this grassroot jihadist are not trained operatives they are likely to commit errors than anyone. let’s call it a grassroot defender,  can pick up – you know when you have a sense of something is wrong….well do not dismiss it. And do not wear headphone. Just be alert to your surroundings.

This will go on for long time.


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