Scotland: Braveheart loses (wins) again

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

So again the Scots remain with England after a frightful battle.

They lose again, but in reality they win.

They win as they are getting the best of both world. They are still the UK (for real the economic consequences would not have been pretty) and the power will be devolved / decentralized a lot. Practically the road is paved for a Federal UK where Scotland will have a freedom similar or even better than the one enjoyed by a federal State in the USA.

Practically a win/win scenario.

Two things to learn from this scenario.

– Try to “run” for independence is a win/win scenario – specially if you do not succeed.

-Even one of the most  Democratic Government will do anything in their power (even leak comment from “interested” economic parties such as banks) to incite economic  terror in the population (banks leaving, massive job losses).

It would be interesting if this happens again in on of the productive region of Europe, like Northern Italy (Scotland had “only” oil, while Northern Italy has everything, apart oil)


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