Ukraine: a Russian Victory

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thanks to Islamic State now all the focus is back to the Middle East and President Putin seized the occasion to freeze the Ukrainian conflict in his favour.

– Now winter is coming

– The Ukrainian PM granted special free zone to some of the rebel cities

– Ukraine knows that the US has short attention span, while Russia can play a long game

– Europe is less than convinced to participate to the US cold war. They depend on Russian energy, they have a lot of trade with Russia and the defence budget is just 2% with no intention of increasing it – due to the crisis.

– The US has no intention to support Ukraine with air strikes or boots on the ground.

So now Russia will not invade anyone else (this was a simple defensive move to a US aggression as the ousting of the Pro Russian elected government was done by the CIA – proof in an intercepted phonecall between Washington and their ambassador in Ukraine). But it will use the carrot and stick technique with a lot of Eastern European (and not) countries.


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