Markets: first obstacle of three almost passed

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

The markets are still wary, but all is good on the surface.

-The France confidence vote has been won

-The Fed stayed the course (but it almost lost control of the interest rate, only seen by the professional market)

-The Scottish referendum is the last obstacle, but it seems that the politicians waged a successful scare campaign and latest polls seems to favour the NO.

In October we will have almost a repeat

-France will have to approve the Budget and it seems the unions are preparing for a big fight

-QE officially ends and there will be more talks on interest rates

In November will be slightly different

The US Mid Term Election. Now it seems that the republican could win 6 more seats in the House and specially the committee that has the oversight of the FED (and it is a lot against market intervention).

Plus Islamic State will definitely try to study a counter offensive. As of now there is a major anti terror operation in Sydney and Brisbane developing that there was a clear and present danger that needed to be addressed.


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