Australia and Islamic State: why are we there?

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well, as US puppet, I suppose.

US and Europe have an interest because there is Qatar oil pipeline that should pass via Syria and “free” Europe from Russian energy monopoly. Interestingly the US last year officially did not enter the Syrian conflict for the supposedly phenomenal Assad’s air defence…..which were not even being considered this time.

Iran reasonably wants to fight Islamic State, but not defeat it as otehrwise the US backed rebels would go after Assad.

Turkey and Qatar they want substitute Islamic State and Assad with a pliable Muslim Brotherhood kind of kingdom.

Saudi want to fight Islamic State as they want to be known as the ultimate salafist – but they oppose Iran point of view and Turkey/Qatar as they are dangerous for the kingdom.

Egypt slighlty approves Saudis, but with its own peculiarities.

Israel and Jordan prefer the status quo with Assad in power and a decreased islamic State

The Kurds and specially Iraq let’s say they lean towards Iran’s point of view.

Australia……probably a me too complex.

As you see the “defeat Islamic State” is just marketing. It will take decades.

And just now on TV we hear that long stolen manpad (man handled missile) long stolen are practically the target of massive police search operation.

The stolen M72 LAW is a quite old weapon. It’s range is up to 1,000 meters – but its effective range (50% chance hit) is 165 meter for moving target and 200 meter for stationary targets. Air planes should be safe.


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