Islamic State and the West

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well, by now you will have been bombarded by the fantastic US victories against Islamic State.

Which is all well and true, apart the fact that you will not be able to defeat Islamic State just from the sky.

The US is committed, up until now (or a major terror attack), to boot on the ground.

Without boot on the ground Islamic State will not be defeated. They just shift tactics taking some tactical defeat and melting with population and decreasing the size of the units on the field.

My biggest issue is that no media is talking about the massive swelling in the Islamic State number.

Some fonts says that over 6,000 new recruits have joined (mainly via Turkey) this group that melds utopian caliphate, Middle Age brutality and techno savvy “Game of Thrones” style violence.

So it will stay with us for quite a long while and with millions of illegal immigrants ready to be radicalised Europe should pay attention much more than the US.

It is almost a modern , sadistic version of the Che Guevara appeal to the masses of underemployed youth . Just this idea makes me chill. If you remember the 1970s in Europe you should too.


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