Islamic State terror plausible terror plots

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well now that the West is fully engaged against Islamic State, all the agencies are scrambling to understand how Islamic State can retaliate (apart the poor journalists).

The main ideas are

– A 2008 Mumbai style terrorist attack hitting several parts of London

-car bomb in the US smuggled through Mexico

– During the recent attack on airports in Libya between 2 and 6 commercial airliners (at least 2 Airbus A 320) went missing.

 Islamic State is more an army than a terrorist organization Рso technically the set of skills are very different. It should be harder for them to set up a terrorist attack (moving in enemy territory with high web/phone surveillance and special forces ready to kill you it is very different than in the battlefield in the desert against rebels). So it should be harder for them to do it (even Al Qaeda after 9/11 lost effectiveness). But sure they will try.


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