Putin: Red Storm Rising

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Ukrainian offensive started the 4th July is becoming a massacre.

As I told you quite a few times Russia cannot allow Ukraine to become Westernized as it remembers too well Nazi Germany and a million of Red Army soldiers perished in Ukraine to defend the Motherland.

Putin tried to press for a negotiated settlement, but Ukraine felt strong as it was backed by the US. But Ukraine is much more important to Russia than US.

The Russian counter-offensive is actually joining Crimea with Russia and cutting the supply lines.

This “incursion” (please note that everyone tread carefully on calling it invasion) is very well aimed to the supplies line and moral level.

Then, as any good Russian military know, Putin will let General Winter to do the last bid. The rainy and ice season is fast approaching and without heat and supply Ukraine is finished (also the coal mines are in East Ukraine).

Already there have been over 1,000 prosecution in the Ukraine military for desertion and the Ukrainian Government is fast losing support with various anti Government rallies.

Also the US is treading carefully. Now it is again bogged down in the Middle East and no one want to confront Russia militarily.

Even new sanction could backfine. The last Russian counter sanctions practically sent Europe in deflation and another round of sanction/counter sanction could be sending Europe into recession again.

Plus France has some score to settle with the US.


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